Abigail Rollenhagen Obituary New Jersey, Abigail Rollenhagen Has Died – Death Cause

Abigail Rollenhagen Obituary, Death – Because of her unique hat, stroller, and, in later years, oxygen tank, Abigail was a young girl who was admired, well-known, and instantly recognizable all across the neighborhood. Her oxygen tank was one of the reasons she became so well-known. Because she had these things, she was able to distinguish herself from other youngsters her age. In later years, the oxygen tank would eventually become an essential part of her instantly recognizable look. Those who were familiar with the area would not have had any trouble identifying her at all.

On February 8, 2014, Abigail Grace Spellman, who had resided in the Evanston region and was 16 years old at the time of her death, passed away. She was a resident of the area. She called the city of Evanston her home. She considered the city of Evanston to be her permanent residence. Beloved daughter of Michael and Kathy Spellman; adored older sister of Madeline Spellman; cherished granddaughter of Patricia and Raymond Liberatore as well as Nancy and Harry Spellman, both of whom have since passed away; cherished great-granddaughter of Patricia and Raymond Liberatore; and cherished daughter of Michael and Kathy Spellman.

She was a fixture in the community. She had been utilizing a collection of artifacts as a means of identifying herself throughout the course of the succeeding years, and she had included her oxygen tank in that collection. This collection had been of critical significance to her all along. When everything else failed, you could always find Abigail in a park with a swing or at one of the city’s many music venues, libraries, or Northwestern Wildcats sporting games. She was a fan of all of these things. She enjoyed each and every one of these activities. She had a good time participating in each one of these activities. She felt that she was living her best life when she took part in all of these things.

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