Achmat Najaar Obituary, Death, Funeral And Visitation

Achmat Najaar Obituary, Death – The tragic news that an old school buddy of mine named Achmat Najaar had passed away suddenly was sent to me yesterday. It broke my heart to learn this information. Wow, it truly took me by surprise. Thank you for sharing that. Aggies, the endearing name by which he was known, served as the spark that had our Class Reunion WhatsApp group laughing and happy throughout the whole conversation. He would send us jokes, comments, and links to old school and obscure music in our email.

We couldn’t help but giggle at these things no matter what. In spite of the fact that he was plagued by terrible illnesses, he never let his situation bring him down or stop him from achieving his goals. In spite of the fact that he was a “gat maker,” he possessed a high level of spirituality and possessed wisdom that I utterly and completely admired. Our conversations typically lasted for several hours, and despite the fact that he was known as a “gat maker,” he was actually both of those things. When he was left unable to ride a motorcycle as a consequence of an amputation, he went out and got himself a scooter, which he used to get around Cape Town rapidly.

We both had a passion for motorbikes, and we shared this enthusiasm with each other. Even though he resided in the Southern Suburbs and I lived in the Northern Suburbs, he would take you by surprise by showing up at your house and stating that “he was in the area.” I lived in the Northern Suburbs. In my opinion, he has always had a perspective that goes above the mundane worries that often come up in life.

To put it another way, I thought that he would be in my life for the rest of it in some capacity or another. Wow, you guys at the Aggies, I can’t believe how fast you’re moving! My heartfelt condolences go out to Fatima Najaar, as well as to anybody else who loved and cared for Najaar throughout this difficult time. I hope you get a restful night, my good friend.

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