Aden Jama Obituary, Aden Jama Has Passed Away At 20 Year – Death Cause

Aden Jama Obituary, Death – Thursday in Columbus, Ohio, the Franklin County Coroner’s Office was able to identify the suspect who was killed after an exchange of gunfire that took place following an armed robbery and a chase by the police. The exchange of gunfire took place following an event that began with an armed robbery and ended with the police catching up to the suspect. An exchange of gunfire occurred after an incident that began with an armed robbery and finished with the police catching up to the suspect.

The event began with the robbery, and it ended with the police catching up to the culprit. Following the commission of an armed robbery and the suspect’s pursuit of law enforcement officers, the exchange of gunfire took place. The age of the person who was the subject of the investigation was 19.

Abdisamad Ismali was pronounced dead on the shoulder of westbound Interstate 70 close to West Mound Street, according to an update that was supplied by the coroner’s office on Monday. The office of the coroner made this information available to us. This is the area where the fight that started earlier burst out with gunfire. An officer was also seriously wounded.

In the afternoon hours of Thursday, the Whitehall Division of Police said a Porsche was stolen at gunpoint from the Byers dealership on North Hamilton Road. After authorities had followed the suspects onto westbound Interstate 70, according to Albert, the pursuit came to an end near West Mound Street. This occurred after the officers had followed the suspects onto westbound Interstate 70. Albert stated that there was an exchange of gunfire in the region at some point during the confrontation; however, he was unable to clarify exactly where this had place.

After thereafter, according to Sgt. Joe Albert of the Columbus Division of Police, officers responded to a robbery that had taken place at a Fifth Third Bank branch that was located on Hilliard-Rome Road. They were there because the robbery had taken place there. The robbery happened not too much longer after that. The crime had taken place earlier. The law enforcement officials in Whitehall have a strong suspicion that the individuals who are suspected of stealing the bank are also the same individuals who were responsible for the theft of the Porsche.

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