Antonio Cobbs Obituary, A Tribute To A Creative Soul – Death Cause

Antonio Cobbs Obituary, Death –On the morning of July 17th, Antonio was stolen from us in a way that was both tragic and unexpected. This took place. The members of his family would like to pay respect to his memory while also providing the chance for everyone, particularly his children, to convey their condolences for his passing. They would like to do this by holding a memorial service. At this time, in order to assist us in meeting the expenditures that are connected with providing the service, we are soliciting donations as a means of obtaining financial assistance.

Because of this tragic event, his family and friends are unable to find consolation, and we are not financially prepared to deal with the costs associated with such a young man. His relatives and friends are unable to find any comfort in anything. In addition to this, he was left behind by young children, all of whom will be in need of financial support in the coming weeks and months as a direct result of their father’s dying and the fact that he is no longer around to provide it. When all of the expenses connected with the memorial ceremony have been paid for,

any remaining cash will be distributed to the children in such a way that each child receives an equal portion of the total amount. This memorial fundraising campaign has been brought to the attention of the members of his family who were closest to him, and they have given their blessing to proceed with it. Regardless of the amount of money that you are able to donate, everyone is extremely appreciative of any contribution that is made. GoFundMe

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