Betsy McCormick Obituary, Professor Of University Of Tulsa Has Died – Death Cause

Betsy McCormick Obituary, Death – The University of Tulsa is in a state of mourning following the demise of Betsy McCormick on Friday, who was a professor there. Betsy joined the faculty at the University of Tulsa College of Law in the year 2005, when she began her employment there. There, she founded and directed the Immigrant Rights Project, which is a law school clinical education program in which law students represent clients in matters relevant to immigration law. The program is designed to give law students practical experience in the legal field. After beginning her tenure at the College of Law in 2008 as the director of the several clinical education programs.

Betsy was a teacher who participated in the Immigrant Rights Project and worked with pupils there. In addition to that, she was an educator who educated students in Professional Responsibility, Immigration Law, and International Refugee and Asylum Law. She spent a large chunk of her career as a legal educator working for the College of Law, and more specifically for clinical education. Because of her unwavering commitment to these spheres, the TU community will feel a profound sense of loss upon her departure.

During this difficult time of mourning, our thoughts are with Betsy’s whole family, as well as with Betsy’s students, coworkers, and friends at TU. We are very sorry for your loss. Betsy was promoted to the position of associate dean for experiential learning in 2015. Betsy had been working in the field of clinical education since 2008, when she first took the post of director of clinical education programs. In the year 2020, she was promoted to the position of assistant dean for academic affairs, and the following year (2021), she was promoted to the role of interim dean of the College of Law.

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