Bob Crenshaw Obituary, A Tribute To A Creative Soul – Death Cause

Bob Crenshaw Obituary, Death – My oldest brother Bob, who had been battling an illness that no one predicted, went away suddenly over the weekend. His passing came as a shock to everyone. To this day, none of us can believe that this has actually taken place, and we are all struggling to comprehend what just took place. A significant number of people have questioned the specifics of how it is that they might be of assistance. Please take into consideration making a donation to assist in paying the costs related with the relocation of his children as well as the expenditures associated with his funeral.

If you could do that for me, it would mean a lot more than you know. I ask that you give this some thought. In light of the unexpected news that he had passed away, we are attempting to fund $5,000 so that we can pay for the burial service that will be held for Bob, in addition to any other charges that may need to be paid in conjunction with his passing. This will allow us to pay for any other costs that may be required in connection with his death as well. We came to the conclusion that this would be the most effective way to lessen the mental and financial burden that is being placed on Bob’s family as a result of the big number of individuals who expressed concern for Bob and a desire to assist in some way.

This came about as a consequence of the high number of people who expressed concern for Bob and a desire to assist in some way. If we are successful and achieve more than our objective, then any additional money will be given to his children. If we are not successful, then we will not achieve more than our target. This is the backup plan that we have.

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