Brittany Cooper Obituary, Brittany Cooper Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Brittany Cooper Obituary, Death – The loss of our beloved Brittany Elaine Adams-Cooper, who passed away on July 10, 2023, at the age of thirty, is something that we announce with crushed hearts. Cherished daughter of Michelle Cooper (Cheyne Nichols), who resides in Niagara. cherished granddaughter of Elaine Cooper and Dave Cooper, who reside in Sarnia. Respected niece of Lisa Cooper, who resides in Sarnia. Tristan Finlayson, Terrin Finlayson, and Jocelyn Dales see her as a treasured relative. Shirley Hocking was a “special” great aunt to everyone. Surviving family members include Sarnia residents father Chris Adams, grandma Veronica Adams (Gary), and uncle Frank Adams. Nathan, Cassie, and Brianne Adams are all from Sarnia, and they are half siblings.

Chris “Chico” Adams, the grandparent’s only child, passed away previously. Brittany will be remembered fondly by a large number of cherished friends and members of her extended family. Brittany has a heart of gold and managed to touch the hearts of a great number of people. Hey, you guys, there’s no need to feel bad about it; it was just my turn to leave. I can tell that each of you is experiencing feelings of sadness, and I can see that some of you are still crying. My journey through life was cut short since I chose a route that was not very long.
You all did everything in your power to alter things, but in the end I was the one who had to sort it out.

I am sorry for the sorrow that I have given you, and I am sorry for the agony that I have caused you. However, I was enslaved by these devils, and they refused to let me go. They took away my freedom, they took away my choice, and as soon as they got their claws into me, you could hear it in my voice that they had taken away my agency. There were moments when I attempted to fight them, and there were occasions when I got very close to winning. However, they always came back and defeated me, and there was nowhere else for me to run. I haven’t actually abandoned you all; in fact, I’m much closer than you think I am. I shall be the sound of a whisper in the wind; I will follow you wherever you go.

You will eventually comprehend it. And when your time here on earth is up, I will be there to take your hand and lead you into the next phase of your existence. Our gorgeous girl, our beautiful Angel. You are currently in a secure place and have been released from all of your suffering. Sweet Angel, you are free to fly. The cremation process has been completed. You are welcome to show your condolences by making a contribution to either Cat Chance (please send gifts via e-transfer to or Inn of the Good Shepherd (please make checks payable to the burial home). Smith Funeral Home, located at 1576 London Line in Sarnia, has been entrusted with the arrangement.

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