Car Accident Warwick NY, Police Still On Investigation

Car Accident Warwick NY – At the time of the occurrence, she was a member of the Warwick Police Department, and she had been in a significant accident involving a tractor-trailer at the time of the accident. According to the state police, the collision took place on Tuesday evening at ten o’clock in the evening in the city of Warwick at the intersection of State Route 94 and Warwick Turnpike. They allege that the tractor-trailer was traveling in a direction that was to the northwest when it collided with the police car, which was traveling in a direction that was to the southwest at the time that the incident occurred.

After going through the junction, the tractor-trailer ended up rolling onto its side after colliding with a telephone pole shortly afterward. The collision caused the truck to become unstable and roll over. When emergency personnel arrived, Officer Jordan Tetreault was found unconscious and suffering from severe injuries. He had been in the line of duty for less than an hour. According to the statements made by the Warwick police, the officer who was stuck within her police car needed to have the roof of the vehicle lifted, which took around half an hour in total. Only then was she able to be liberated from the vehicle.

A report that was made public by News 12 states that the police officer has regained consciousness and that she was transported to the Westchester Medical Center, where her status has been reported as being stable. Despite the fact that the truck driver had sustained relatively minor injuries, he was sent to Garnet Medical Center to receive treatment for them. At this time, the New York State Police are the ones in charge of the investigation that is being conducted.

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