Carol Ann Obituary, In Loving Memories Of Carol Ann – Death Cause

Carol Ann Obituary, Death – Somers Carol Ann Carol was able to live a long and fruitful life, reaching the age of 59 before passing away on July 3, in a serene and quiet manner, after a long and eventful life. She was 59 years old at that point in her life. adored daughter of Patrick and Harriet, cherished stepdaughter of Geoffrey, cherished mother of the late Natalie, treasured sister of Patricia, Stephen, Brian, Sean, Gillian, and the late Marie, as well as a highly valued grandma, sister-in-law, auntie, and friend to a large number of other people. Natalie was a treasured mother of the late Natalie. She will be sorely missed by everyone. treasured mother of Natalie.

Who departed away before her time. a stepdaughter that Geoffrey adores but who yet maintains her independence and is her own person. treasured mother of Natalie, who departed away before her time. Patricia was a much-loved and indispensable member of the family, therefore her absence will be keenly felt by all of the members of the extended family. When Natalie was still a little child, her mother abruptly and without any previous warning left the household when she was still living there.

In case you were wondering where to go, the funeral service that will take place on Tuesday, July 18, at 10:15 am will be held at St. Cuthbert’s Church. The date and time of the event have not yet been determined. After the conclusion of the funeral service, the deceased person will be laid to rest in Southwick Cemetery. The funeral service will then come to an end. Everyone who knew and cared about the person who had died away is welcome to attend the memorial service, and all in attendance are urged to express their condolences to the family.

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