Cashley Brown Obituary Lawrence San Francisco California, Cashley Brown Has Died – Death Cause

Cashley Brown Obituary, Death – Ashley Brown-Lawrence, C. Ashley Ashley, When we first heard your voice, it was probably around 20 years ago. I’ll never forget it. The moment he saw her, Jay said, “We have got to get this girl in the play!” The only issue is that we were located in Texas, while you were located in Mississippi. At first, your parents suggested that you spend the night with another person. I responded by saying that “No, if she’s here for us, then she stays with us.

Your parents gave us the privilege of keeping you (their beautiful gift) while we watched A Family Affair because they trusted us enough to do so. When I go back to the day of the event, it appeared as though everyone in Moss Point had made it. They were filled with such pride! On stage with Vicki Winans was their infant child. This is from before you became famous for your singing around the world.

During the time that you were here, you never referred to us as Jay and Shontell; rather, you always referred to us as Mom and Dad. You would always contact your mother as soon as you were in Houston and tell her, “Mama, I’m here!” When we last saw you sing, I questioned, “You got your money?,” and you said “yes.” Because members of religious communities can… oh well. I said, “Daddy can go NWA on them.” You requested that he keep the gangsta at a reasonable level.

Aside from our offspring, you were the only one who ever referred to us as Mom and Dad. I am aware that you gave those names to a large number of people, but the fact that we were included made us feel so honored. You were such a force on stage, singing and ministering to the world, but to those you loved and those who loved you, you were simply Ashley. Although you were such a force on stage, you were just Ashley. Always modest, Ashley is just herself.

You know the world is a better place because Ashley is a part of it whether you witnessed her perform on stage or had the great opportunity to earn a pet name from her.
We ask that you continue to pray for her husband Regi, her parents John Eric Brown and Carmen, her brother John, her church family (Lighthouse), and everyone who knew and loved Ashley.
Please grant everyone of us peace that is beyond our comprehension.

You absolutely blew the audience away, Ash. But in addition to that, you had the most genuine spirit and the most contagious laugh. Because of you, we all felt like we were a part of the family.
Your moral fiber served as a living tribute to your mother and father. They were blessed with the opportunity to bring a new member into the body of Christ and to give her to the rest of the world. Thank you. You may count on our undying affection.

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