Cassius Hart Obituary Kansas City MO, Softball Player & Tiger Cool Express Manager Die – Death Cause

Cassius Hart Obituary, Death – Cassius Hart, you were cherished by a plethora of people, and your presence will be sorely missed by everybody. It makes me sad that we will never have the opportunity to work together on such a delightful event as the one that you organize each year. The following day at the landing always had so many interesting stories to tell about the previous day’s draught.

It has been said that the most difficult things to say in one’s lifetime are “hello” for the very first time and “goodbye” for the very last time. We should all try to find some solace in the happy memories we have with Cassius and cling to those memories as tightly as we can while he is still with us. This does not appear to be real, so cling even more tightly to the people you love. Please extend our greetings to everyone who resides in Heaven.

I have a feeling that Bob Guerra is going to be ecstatic about the opportunity to discuss softball with you up there. Because one day, images will be all that we have to remember our families and friends, being a photographer is one of the things that I enjoy most about my career. The death of Cassius Hart has occurred. It was always fun playing you in the men’s league at Fountain Bluff in Liberty, and the post on social media says as much. You were such a significant figure in the softball community that you will be remembered for a very long time. They ought to switch the name of the “Landing” field to the “Hart-Landing” designation.

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