Chris Stumpf Obituary, Shooting Kills Hamilton Heights High School Student – Death Cause

Chris Stumpf Obituary, Death – It has been determined that Chris Stumpf has passed away. The occurrence took place in the early afternoon, just a few minutes before 2 o’clock. aIn most instances, he was on his way to watch his daughter dance at the dance studio, the Athey Fields, the Fauquier County Roller Hockey League rink, the Haymarket IcePlex, or one of the many other hockey, soccer or lacrosse fields. In some instances, he was on his way to watch his daughter play lacrosse. He never skipped a beat and made sure that his family, especially his children, were always his top priority.

Chris was also a loyal buddy to a sizable group of people who he cared deeply about. Some of his favorite things to do included having breakfast with the guys, having barbecues in the driveway, throwing pool parties in the summer and playing an endless number of games of corn hole, darts or Rook. In his spare time, he liked to hang out with the boys. It was a given that he would bring merriment, laughter, and mayhem wherever he went since that was just who he was. The “sandals” he wears will never have their intended purpose fulfilled.

A guy lost his life as a result of the incident that took place in Hamilton Heights, and a young person was hurt in the process. A man in his twenties was shot and killed in the city’s Hamilton Heights suburb on Wednesday afternoon, and a younger boy, aged 14, was wounded in the incident. Both victims were male. Chris’s only living relatives are his wife of more than 23 years, Amber, and their four children, Brandon (19), Zach (17), Austin (14) and Lily (8) They are the only ones who will mourn his departure. In addition to his wife and children, he is survived by a large number of other members of his family as well as friends, all of whom are mourning his passing at this time.

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