Christine Busi-DeGiacomo Murder Hudson NH, Son Charged With Murder In Hudson

Christine Busi-DeGiacomo Obituary, Death – When I sit down to write this post, I do so with a heavy heart. Last night, our beloved friend and fellow student Christine Busi-DeGiacomo was sadly murdered by her son, who had relapsed and become addicted to drugs. We are not aware of any plans or arrangements at this time; however, we are aware that funerals may be very costly and that she was a single mother. As soon as we make contact with her daughter, we will organize a way for our class to donate money to help cover these expenses.

In your prayers, please remember to include Chris’s family both here and in Bermuda. In connection with the death of his mother, a son has been charged with murder in the second degree.
Soon to follow will be an updated version featuring a booking photo. Following what is believed to have been an assault, a woman has passed away in Hudson.
After responding to a call about a disturbance at the property, the police found the woman unconscious and brought her to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, where she later passed away.

Investigations are currently being conducted by the Hudson Police Department, the New Hampshire State Police Major Crime Unit, and the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office. According to the authorities in Hudson, New Hampshire, a man was taken into custody on Wednesday and charged with second-degree murder for allegedly killing his mother through the use of physical force.

Christine DeGiacomo, 57, was discovered Wednesday night at a property on Shoal Creek Road with a severe injury, according to New Hampshire State Police, as well as state and local police who made the announcement Thursday. After being taken to the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, it was determined that she had passed away there. According to a news release, her son Grant DeGiacomo, who is 26 years old, has been charged with willfully causing his mother’s death “under circumstances manifesting an extreme indifference to the value of human life by repeatedly striking her head.” This allegation is made in the context of the circumstances surrounding her death.

On Friday, Grant DeGiacomo is scheduled to appear in Hillsborough Superior Court. It wasn’t immediately known whether he had a lawyer who could comment on the charge, although it seemed likely. At approximately 9:44 p.m., the event was reported, and the cops who were sent to the scene located the afflicted woman. According to the officials, an autopsy was scheduled to be performed on her body.

A spokesman of the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office informed NBC10 Boston that Grant DeGiacomo was there at the residence when the police arrived on Wednesday night and was placed under arrest as a result. On Thursday morning, he was taken into custody.

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