Christopher Encina Obituary, Massage Therapist Dies In Motorcycle Accident Sacramento – Death Cause

Christopher Encina Obituary, Death – It is with great sadness that we learn about Christopher Encina’s demise. Rollerblading, mountain biking, and riding motorbikes were some of his favorite hobbies, according to a post that was shared on social media. In addition to this, he took great delight in sharing his expertise with others, and he was regularly seen working his magic in the kitchen. They went on a lot of trips together as a couple, but one of their favorites was a camping trip in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, where they also got engaged.

They went on a lot of trips together as a couple. Cayla has recently become his wife. During the wedding, which took place in 2021 on the land owned by Cayla’s parents, the couple’s pit bull, Tupac, stood by their side the entire time. Both in Orange County, where they had previously lived, and in Sacramento, where they currently resided, Chris’s clients and his work as a massage therapist had his whole attention and dedication. In order to better prepare himself for a future career in the medical field, he decided to further his studies.

Please give some thought to making a monetary contribution to help the Encina family as they navigate this challenging time in their lives. They could really use your support. The entire amount of money will be given to the family, and they want to utilize it to pay for a variety of expenses, including those that are related to the care of Cayla and Baby Rafael. Because of his vivacity, sense of humor, and kindness, Chris influenced the lives of a large number of individuals in a way that was for the better. He was a devoted family member and friend, as well as a son, brother, and father to Baby Rafael. The 24th of July, 2023 is the expected delivery date for Baby Rafael.

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