Clermont County Collision Kills 17, 19-Year-Old, Police Still Investigating

Clermont County Collision Kills 17, 19-Year-Old – According to the information provided by the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office, 17-year-old Isaiah Mudzwova was pronounced dead at the University of Cincinnati Medical Centre on July 8. It has been determined that a single-vehicle accident that occurred on Friday in Clermont County resulted in the death of a second individual.

Haley Denton, 19, was driving her automobile in the direction of the northwest on Old State Route 74 at Stoddard Lane when the car veered off the left side of the road near Stoddard Lane, impacting a mailbox and a utility pole before crashing. Haley was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Troopers say the crash happened around 12:16 a.m. that Friday. According to the Ohio Highway Patrol, when they got at the scene of the collision, the automobile in question was discovered on the roadside with its roof up, and Denton was declared dead at the scene. The discovery of the vehicle was made after they had already arrived. This is what the Ohio State Highway Patrol says, according to their website. Haley Denton was in critical condition when she arrived at the hospital, and she was rushed there.

The troopers who came to the scene of the collision reportedly sent Mudzwova and another passenger, whose name was Ian Vaske and who was 20 years old, to the UC Medical Centre. Mudzwova and Ian Vaske were both carried there by the troopers. As a direct result of the collision, Vaske was left with critical wounds, but they were not life-threatening. The investigation into the accident is still underway, and the investigators are working hard to figure out what caused the catastrophe. At the scene, it was determined that Haley Denton had passed away. When the collision took place, Mudzwova was not behind the wheel of the vehicle in which she was riding; rather, she was a passenger in the vehicle.

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