Cole Silver Obituary Cherry Hill, A New Jersey Resident Has Died – Death Cause

Cole Silver Obituary, Death – It is tough to put their feelings into words. A person has been reported to have passed away in the state of New Jersey. Cole devoted his life to practising law and spent his whole career as an attorney, taking on any and all cases in which he was confident he could have a positive impact on the verdict. He accomplished everything, from assisting the destitute to have a fair chance in life to mediating enormous disagreements involving a number of international businesses.

Cole was a passionate animal rights activist who, throughout his whole life, insisted that he would have pursued a career in veterinary medicine if only he hadn’t been so allergic to cat dander. Cole was a cat person. Cole had been a resident of New Jersey for such a long period of time that he was well known throughout the entire state, from as far inland as the mountains to as far as the coast. It was difficult for him to walk into a Wawa without already being acquainted with at least one of the other customers.

Everyone who interacted with Cole, including his family, friends, and coworkers, came away from their time with him feeling like their lives had been improved as a direct result of their interactions with him. After that, he went on to receive his Juris Doctor degree from Antioch School of Law, which is located in Washington, District of Columbia. After Cole’s passing, his wife Carol, their kids Logan and Austin, and their grandchild Leo are the people that remember him and care for him. It is difficult to express how much he will be missed by his sister Sheri, his brother Marc, and his mother Geri.


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