Connor Chapman, Ellie Edwards Killer Convicted Of Murdering Her

Ellie Edwards Obituary, Death – We are able to state with certainty that Connor Chapman was found guilty of the murder of Elle Edwards today, on Thursday the 6th of July. Chapman, 23, of Houghton Road, Woodchurch, was found guilty of attempted murder, wounding with the intent to cause GBH, and possession of a firearm and ammunition with the intent to endanger life after a trial that lasted for 16 days at Liverpool Crown Court. In the past, he entered a guilty plea to one count of handling stolen goods in connection with the Mercedes Benz that was utilized on the evening of the shooting.

Thomas Waring, 20, who lives on Private Drive in Barnston, was found to be guilty of both possessing a restricted weapon and helping an offender in connection with the murder. The sentencing hearing is scheduled to take place tomorrow, on Friday the 7th of July. At just before midnight on Christmas Eve of the previous year, Elle, age 26, was standing outside the Lighthouse bar in Wallasey when she was shot multiple times, which ultimately led to her death.

Chapman fled the scene in a stolen Mercedes, which was subsequently located in a burned-out state. After discharging the gun, Chapman fled the area. On January 10 of this year, he was apprehended while shopping in a supermarket in Wales. “Chapman has continued to deny his involvement in Elle’s death forcing her family to endure the ordeal of a trial where they have had to relive over and over again the last moments of Elle’s life,” said the senior investigating officer, Detective Superintendent Paul Grounds.

“His cowardly actions on that night shocked the entirety of Merseyside as well as the rest of the UK,” she said. It demonstrates both his hubris and his contempt for everyone else that he had the nerve to shoot at his targeted targets when they were standing outdoors in a throng. “He then attempted to evade justice by fleeing to Wales, where he was eventually detained two weeks after Elle’s murder,” the sentence reads, “where he was eventually detained.”

“Throughout the entirety of the trial, he maintained his denial of guilt; however, the jury was able to see through his lies and correctly convicted him.”

“I am pleased that we have secured justice for Elle and her family and that a dangerous man has been removed from the streets of Merseyside,” she said. “I am also pleased that we were able to remove a dangerous man from the streets of Merseyside.” “I would like to take this opportunity to give honor to Elle’s family, who have remained dignified and composed throughout this entire investigation and the trial, despite being forced to relive the awful events that occurred on Christmas Eve. I would like to take this chance to pay tribute to Elle’s family. I pray that they will be able to start grieving their loss in the appropriate manner now.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the investigation team for their continued hard work and commitment and to the Crown Prosecution Service, in particular Nigel Power KC and Katy Appleton for successfully prosecuting the case,” I said. “I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Crown Prosecution Service for successfully prosecuting the case.”

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