David Kunkle Obituary, Former Dallas Police Department Chief Has Died – Death Cause

David Kunkle Obituary, Death – Not only did he transmit his expertise to those who would succeed him, but he also set an incredibly high standard for the accomplishments that should be made by any individual who would succeed him as leader of this organization. 1972, the year that everything started, was a fantastic year for Kunkle’s “storied and impactful career” at DPD. This was the year that it all began. After that, he was the chief of police for the city of Grand Prairie, and then from 1985 until 1999, he was the chief of police for the Arlington Police Department.

According to the statements made by Sarah Dod, David Kunkle, who had previously served as the chief of police in Dallas, is claimed to have died away in a calm and peaceful manner. The man, who was 72 years old, had been battling Lewy body dementia for the past few years, and he had been having a terrible time dealing with it. He had been having difficulty. Eddie Garcia, the current Chief of the Dallas Police Department, responded on the passing of Chief Kunkle by saying, “I had the honorThe death of Chief Kunkle occurred earlier in this month.

He retired from that position in 1999. It wasn’t until he went back to work for the DPD in 2004, at the end of his career, that he was able to accomplish what he’d set out to do, and he stayed there until he retired in 2010. An official statement made by the Arlington Police Department includes the following passage, which reads as follows: “It is with great sadness and profound respect that we join the DFW community in mourning the loss of a remarkable man and public servant.”

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