David Northcott Obituary, Member Of Kays Carers LTD Directors Has Died – Death Cause

David Northcott Obituary, Death – Good Afternoon, David Northcott, who had served as one of the Directors of Kay’s Carers and had passed suddenly unexpectedly on June 27, 2013, due to circumstances that were beyond his control, was a heartbreaking loss for the organization. His passing was a tragic event. His going away was a terrible loss. Funeral services will be held at the Torquay Crematorium on July 10 at twelve o’clock in the afternoon. The funeral will be for a loved one who passed away. open to participation from anyone who even possesses a passing interest in taking part in it. I am appreciative that you were able to make it here today. Included in this sale are both the Northcott and the Kaylie.

This information was obtained from both departments. Both departments dispatched officers to the location of the incident. A gray 2006 Nissan Pathfinder was traveling south on New Hampshire Avenue when it ran off the road, went through a bus stop shelter, and finally came to a halt in a forested area, as stated in a news release. It appears that there was a collision with the automobile. The police said that the driver of the vehicle did not attempt to escape the site of the accident.

Officers located a female victim who was injured, and it was subsequently confirmed that she had passed away at the scene of the incident. Her name has been revealed to be Christina E. Thomas, however it has not been determined where she now resides. She is 71 years old at this point. It is unknown if she was standing at the bus stop at the time she was hit by the automobile or whether she was someplace else at the time of the accident.

Detectives with the Montgomery County Police Department are asking anybody who may have information on this crash to get in touch with them at the following number: (240) 773-6620.

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