Decision could lead to dramatic decrease in minority student enrollment.

There is a good chance that this decision will have repercussions in the nine states that have passed legislation making it unlawful to take a candidate’s race into consideration as part of the admissions process for public universities. After the state of Michigan passed a regulation in 2006 making it illegal to consider race when making judgments regarding admissions, the number of applications from black students to the University of Michigan decreased. This led to a decrease in the overall number of applications received by the university.

The percentage of black children who were enrolled in schools declined from 7% in 2006 to 4% in 2021, a decline that occurred over that time period. This represents a considerable drop in the number of students enrolled.Following the passing of Proposition 209 in 1996, enrollment levels at the University of California plummeted, particularly in those academic departments that are considered to be among the most competitive. This proposition made it illegal to take applicants’ racial backgrounds into consideration in the selection process for schools.

In the previous academic year at UCLA, the number of black students accounted for 7 percent of the entire student body. This represents a decrease from the previous year. In the year 1998, only 3.43 percent of all black children were enrolled in some type of educational program. This was a significant drop from the previous year. It had dropped to 5% by the year 2022, but it was still a very long way from reaching its all-time high of 25%.

It is projected that the number of black students enrolling in prestigious liberal arts universities would rise to levels that are comparable to those seen in the 1960s, as stated by the administrators. Within their amicus brief, the extraordinarily prestigious liberal arts universities of Amherst, Wesleyan, and Williams pointed out that “the percentage of Black students matriculating would drop from roughly 7.1 percent of the student body to 2.1 percent.”

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