Denise Ginani Obituary, Denise Ginani Has Died – Death Cause

Denise Ginani Obituary, Death – The departure of a prominent member of our community has left everyone, including the Lake Michigan Beach Property Owners Association (LMBPOA), Hagar Shores, Lake Michigan Beach, and DiMaggio’s, in a state of profound grief. Denise Ginani, a waitress who had worked at DiMaggio’s for a substantial amount of time, unexpectedly passed away yesterday as the result of an accident that was completely out of her control. The cause of death was a car accident. Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to spend time in her company is highly unlikely to forget her contagious laugh, fiery demeanor, solid work ethic, sense of humor, heavy-handed bartending, loyalty, or kindness.

Anyone who has ever had the honor of spending time in her company is highly unlikely to forget her. During our lifetime, it is extremely unlikely that any of these things will ever be forgotten by anyone. During this tremendously challenging and painful time, we want her entire network of support, which includes her family and friends, to know that we are thinking about them and praying for them often. This includes her family and friends. We are deeply sorry for all that has taken place. We are conscious of the fact that at this point in their lives, they are facing a particularly difficult and stressful period of time for themselves.

As soon as we have additional information on the arrangements, we will make it a priority to share it with the right parties as soon as we can after we have obtained it, which will be as soon as we can after we have received it. Once we get this information, we will share it with the appropriate parties as soon as we can after we have obtained it. I hope and pray that you may finally find the tranquility you deserve. Denise

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