Dennis Haggerty Obituary Dennis New Jersey, Dennis Haggerty Has Died – Death Cause

Dennis Haggerty Obituary, Death – Carol Haggerty, whose maiden name was Sidoti and whom he valued very much, was his wife, and he was her husband. Devoted father to Kristen Steed, whose husband Brian is married to Sophia, as well as James Haggerty, whose wife is married to Sophia. Also the father of Sophia’s husband. As a brother or sister, she is held in extremely high respect by Denise Theodore, Lynn Buckholtz and her husband Jim, Richard Haggerty and his wife Susan, and Richard Haggerty and his wife Susan.

On July 6, 2023, Dennis R. Haggerty, who had lived in Wood-Ridge all his life and was 67 years old when he died away, was no longer with us. He had already established a house in a number of different locations, including Hoboken and Jersey City. Hoboken was the place of his birth, and his parents were Frances and Dennis G. Haggerty, both of whom have passed away since he was born there. Before Dennis went into retirement, he spent a significant portion of his career working for the United States Postal Service as a Postal Supervisor in the Hoboken Post Office. Dennis was an employee there for many years before he retired.

All of these people are related to her. There were many members of the Sidoti family present at the memorial ceremony, including Joann Molta, Barbara Sidoti, the late Vincent Sidoti and his surviving spouse Sharon, and the brother-in-law of the late John Sidoti. Additionally, he was the brother-in-law of John Sidoti, who had passed away previously. A doting grandpa who adores his grandchildren Kylie and Jake and showers them with gifts and attention on a regular basis. Anthony, Alyssa, A.J., Timmy, Ryan, Jason, Melissa, Stacey, Katie, Richie, Shelby, Emily, Rebecca, Joe, and Michael are his nieces and nephews, and they hold Uncle Jeanine in the greatest regard.

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