Dennis Katunarich Obituary, Dennis Katunarich Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Dennis Katunarich Obituary, Death – Dennis Katunarich Regarding the demise of Dennis, we would like to convey to Val and the rest of Dennis’s family our most heartfelt grief and sympathies in the most sincere way possible. Dennis was a well-liked member of the bowling community as a whole; but, he was especially well-liked among the people who bowled at the Doubleview Bowling Club.

This was due to the fact that Dennis owned and operated the Doubleview Bowling Club. The city of Doubleview, Washington was the location of this club. The Doubleview Bowling Club would not be where it is at now if it were not for Dennis’ unequaled mix of unmatched incredible ability, superb leadership, and unmatched personality. Dennis was a significant driving force in the club’s development into the thriving organization it is today, and that success is largely attributable to him.

Everyone who frequents the club will recall with affection his triumphs both on and off the green long after the photographs of those exploits that are currently placed on the walls have lost their luster. This will be the case even after the images of those exploits that are currently placed on the walls have been displayed.

Those images have recently been hung up on the walls here. Kat Man, I hope that you are able to achieve the peace that you seek even in death. An immensely famous figure in the history books of our club who was also an even more wonderful person in general.

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