Dori Lawrence Obituary Chelsea Alabama, Man Dies From Suicide – Death Cause

Dori Lawrence Obituary, Death – The death of Dori Lawrence has occurred. We extend our sincerest condolence. Dori’s journey began on a chilly day in the winter of 1926 in the small hamlet of Mercedes, Texas, which is located close to the border with Mexico. Those were the Roaring 20s at their peak, a time of relative peace and prosperity in this country, and they were times of great excitement. Doris Fitzgerald was welcomed into the world by her proud parents, Chester and Dona Fitzgerald, on February 3, 1926. They chose to honor their new daughter by giving her the name Doris.

Dori moved lived with her parents alongside her two older brothers, Ralph and Carl, and as she was growing up, she looked up to them as her heroes. She was raised in a home filled with a lot of affection, and she fondly remembers spending Sundays eating a lot of food with her grandparents and having a lot of fun on the family farm, which was situated deep down in the Rio Grande Valley. After Dori’s husband became ill with polio and passed away in 1950, the bereaved mother decided to go to Houston to be closer to her surviving family members.

However, it wasn’t in the cards for her to go through life by herself. In February of 1955, Dori had a chance encounter with a great man from Michigan named Bill Lawrence, who was in the region visiting friends, and the two of them immediately hit it off romantically. By April of that year, they had already announced their engagement, and on August 19, 1955, they tied the knot, marking the beginning of a fruitful and satisfying life together.

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