Doug Guyer Obituary, Former Broadcaster At 94Rock FM Has Died – Death Cause

Doug Guyer Obituary, Death – After a long and hard-fought battle with cancer, 94 Rock’s longtime friend and fellow broadcaster Doug Guyer has passed away. We at 94 Rock are saddened to share this news with you. Prayers and thoughts go out to everyone who knew and loved him. We join here today with heavy hearts to celebrate the life and legacy of a much-loved person, Doug Guyer, and to pay our respects to his family.

Doug was a fantastic individual who made a positive impact on the lives of a great number of people via his generosity, dedication, and unflinching attitude. At the same time that we are saying our goodbyes, we are also celebrating the many memories that he has left behind for all of us, memories that will be imprinted on our hearts for all eternity. Doug was brought into the world on [Insert birthdate] and spent his formative years at [Insert birthplace], where he was showered with the affection of his family.

His kind attitude could be seen even at a young age, and he was known for his affectionate behavior as a son, brother, and friend. Doug’s loving and compassionate character only became stronger as he matured, garnering him the affection and respect of everybody who came into contact with him over the course of his life. Doug’s excitement for life was contagious, and he dove headfirst into whatever piqued his interest with gusto and fervor.

He was a passionate  devoting both his time and his expertise to making a positive impact on the lives of those around him. He is remembered as a consummate professional by both his coworkers and the customers he serviced. He was always willing to go the extra mile to assure the satisfaction of those he was responsible for. Outside of his work life, Doug was a devoted fan of [insert  Whether it was supporting his favorite sports teams, adventuring in the great outdoors, or giving back to the community, he seized every opportunity with a zeal for life that was contagious and motivated those who were fortunate enough to be in his orbit. Because of his upbeat demeanor and genuine smile, being in his presence is a delight. He brightens every space he enters.

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