Drew Hallam Obituary Marysville Washington, Drew Hallam Has Died – Death Cause

Drew Hallam Obituary, Death – Drew Hallam I am finding it really difficult to come to terms with the fact that you are no longer in this world. I will always cherish the memories of all of the happy times and laughs that we shared together since they will remain ingrained in my mind forever. Your reliability as a friend is attested to by a great number of people who can vouch for your character. Even though you were going through one of the most difficult times in your life, you still made an effort to be there for me whenever you had the chance.

We really appreciate that. In this location, prayers for those in need of healing are being given. When it comes time for them to say their goodbyes to you, everyone in this location is going to feel terrible. She is survived by her daughter Virginia and her husband Anthony Lauretano, with whom she had resided for the previous year at the home that they shared together. She had been married to Anthony Lauretano for the previous year. She won’t be taking them with her, so she’ll have to say goodbye to her stepdaughter Karen and her husband Joe Palmer first.

Shirley’s son, Edwin Eugene Drew Junior, along with her sisters Barbara Smith and Mabel Yurashus, as well as her brothers Harry and Larry Fretts, all went away before Shirley did. Also predeceasing Shirley were her brothers Harry and Larry Fretts. After her passing, only her sister Gloria Rinaldi, her brother John Fretts, and her wife Cindy will remember her. No one else will have any recollection of her. They were the only ones who could be considered her friends or family. She was blessed with a large number of grandchildren and great grandchildren, all of whom she doted on and cherished immensely. This was one of the many good things that happened to her throughout her life.

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