Drue Spalding Obituary Syracuse Utah, Drue Spalding Unexpectedly Passed Away – Death Cause

Drue Spalding Obituary, Death – My amazing and powerful sister and brother-in-law, together with their precious family, are going through a very difficult ordeal. This situation is putting a strain on everyone involved. They have an unwavering faith in God and never fail to find the silver lining in any situation. Nine months ago, the parents learned that their daughter Drue, who is now 13 years old and has leukemia, was suffering from the cancer. Drue has been through a rough patch as of late, and she is currently in a very precarious scenario with septic shock and organ damage.

In spite of the fact that my sister and her family have the fortunate fortune to live only forty-five minutes away from Primary Children’s Medical Center, they would benefit from receiving some additional aid at this time. We have no doubt that Drue is receiving the highest possible level of medical attention at this time. (My life is about to come to an end because of them;). We would like to help them with the costs of a hotel room and other expenses so that they can be as near to Drue and the hospital for as long as it is required. This latest setback has the potential to be a lengthy one, and we would like to assist them with these costs.

Anyone who is familiar with Mark and Amy is aware of the fact that they are always the first people to provide assistance in any situation, since this trait is something that is widely known about them. the first to offer assistance, as well as the first to demonstrate love via acts of service to other people. They represent the utmost level of accomplishment possible. They have been shown an unbelievable amount of care by a large number of charitable folks, and this is one more tiny way that we can aid them in the time when they are in need. Thank you! GoFundMe

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