Elijah Crawford Obituary America’s Got Talent, Elijah Crawford Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Elijah Crawford Obituary, Death – The members of the unit’s chorus who spoke with Military Times had previous expertise in music; yet, few of them imagined that a career in the Army would be the platform that would allow them to reconnect with their musical backgrounds. This opportunity presented itself to Sgt. Damarielis Vargas, who had spent her childhood in Puerto Rico immersed in the culture of music and dance. She had been serving in the 82nd Airborne as a religious affairs specialist when she was given the chance to join the chorus.

On Tuesday night, the members of the 82nd Airborne Division All-American Chorus will be competing in an audition for America’s Got Talent with the hope of being selected as the next most talented entertainers in the United States. I had spoken to [my staff sergeant] about how I don’t mind going to sing, but I’m a very shy person until you get the chance to meet me,” Vargas said in an interview with the Military Times. “I decided to take a chance on myself and go try out for the role.

When everything finally clicked into place, I found that I had become quite close to [the other members of the chorus]. And after my initial audition, we all became quite close to one another, and as a result, everything just fell into place. The soldiers will get the opportunity to pay tribute to fellow chorus member Spc. Elijah Crawford during their performance on Tuesday. Crawford passed away a week before the auditions for the musical, and the soldiers will be able to honor his memory during the performance.


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