Evangeline Lim Obituary, Evangeline Lim Has Passed Away

Evangeline Lim Obituary, Death Cause – The demise of Miss Evangeline Tio Lim is something that her family and the people who were important to her announce with a sorrowful heart. Aged 65 years old. I, along with a great number of other students who majored in Psychology, looked up to Miss Lim as if she were a mother figure. The news of her passing has hit me like a punch to the stomach. To say that she played a significant role in shaping who I am today is something of an understatement. She never stopped fighting for correct accounting and liquidation procedures. She would frequently remind us of the following phrase: “I don’t care who dies, just make sure the receipts are intact.”

The San Pedro Calungsod Chapel in the Scared Heart Church grounds is where the wake for Miss Lim is being held. The last mass will be held on Monday, July 17 at 8:30 pm, and it will be the final mass. I would want to extend an invitation to her former students as well as anyone else whose life she influenced to come be with us then. We would be very appreciative of receiving video greetings for the memorial service on Monday. Send your submissions to connie@alephtalent.com no later than Monday at 10 a.m.

Because she believed that I was capable of doing even more, she never gave me a perfect grade or a 1 ever. She was extremely impatient with slowness and a lack of honesty, and she asked that each report contain at least five different sources. Because of her, I was always pushing myself further than I had before. She never stopped being proud of me and constantly made sure I was aware of it. She begged me to avoid getting into conflicts with government workers and officials because she was afraid I might end up in jail as a result of my behavior. The pain of losing her is comparable to that of a parent.


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