Floyd Henningham Obituary London Ontario, Learn More About Floyd Henningham Death

Floyd Henningham Obituary, Death – Kenneth (Ken) Fleck passed unexpectedly on April 15, 2023, as a result of events that were totally and entirely unforeseeable by anyone. He had 66 years under his belt. Despite the fact that it has caused us a tremendous deal of mental pain and physical stress, we are passing on this knowledge to you. Because of his passing, his devoted wife and best friend, Jacqueline, as well as his children Jackie, Kevin, Tamara, and Robert (Kimberly), will suffer tremendously from their loss.

He was the most proud and doting grandfather to his much-loved grandchildren Keegan, Taylor, Jakob, Samuel, Colton, Dylan, and Joshua, as well as his great-grandchildren Mya, Rachel, Jayce, and Caiden. His grandchildren’s names are Keegan, Taylor, Jakob, Samuel, Colton, Dylan, and Joshua. Keegan, Taylor, Jakob, Samuel, Colton, Dylan, and Joshua are his grandchildren, and their names are in order from oldest to youngest. The amount of happiness that his grandchildren brought into his life is difficult to put into words.

Ken was the oldest son of Roland (Rolly) Fleck and Shirley Stotski, both of whom have now died away. Shirley was the eldest of the three Fleck children. Ken was the eldest son in the family. His cherished older siblings Steve, Kelly, and Danny will miss him terribly once he has left; he was the oldest of the bunch. The numerous cherished nieces, nephews, cousins, other members of his extended family, and friends who were close to him will always remember and love him. Also included in this group is the rest of his extended family.

Ken was the kind of man that seized every opportunity that came his way and made the most out of life in his own unique way. He had many meaningful and significant experiences with people who were a part of his life for a large amount of his trip. These connections took place over the course of his life and spanned its whole. He was unwavering in his conviction that a positive outlook contained the capacity to effect positive change.

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