Foridun Maulonou Shooting Bensonhurst,15, Dies Of Injuries After Being Shot -Death Cause

Foridun Maulonou Obituary, Death – On Monday, a young person was fatally wounded while exiting a summer school program in the borough of Brooklyn. The culprit, who the police believe to be a different student, has been identified, but the search for him continues. Foridun Maulonou, 15, was a rising star in the sport of judo, and his family is still struggling to come to terms with the fact that he was taken from them at such a young age.

Both his father and his mother are in tears. We are all crying right now, his sister, his siblings, and us,” his brother told CBS2 in Russian. “I saw him yesterday. Today he is no longer here. I demand that whoever shot him, whoever was responsible for his death, and whatever this individual is, answer for this. During summer school at FDR High School, the police said that the incident began with a dispute between other pupils and did not involve Maulonou.

“The offender, a 17-year-old man, gets into a verbal altercation with another male. They make a pact to get together after school. A law enforcement official stated that a fistfight was going to take place between the two parties. Maulonou, according to the police, was among a group of seven people, including six men and a women, that the officers suspect were traveling with the intended target around 20th Avenue and 62nd Street at 1 p.m. when they observed the competing student carrying a weapon.

“The offender pulls out a gun and fires seven shots from a handgun that has a nine millimeter caliber,” the witness said. An officer from the police department added, “He doesn’t hit the person he was going to fight with, but he hits our 15-year-old.” “I noticed some noise outside. I had in mind children engaged in play. One of the witnesses stated, “All of a sudden, I see everyone running.” “Faridun was a really nice guy, and it’s a shame that he had to pass away.

I believe that his father is in pain right now; in fact, he is speechless. “He told me, ‘I’m not well, I can’t say a word in this condition.'” a family member relayed to Natalie Duddridge of CBS New York in Russian what he had said. “We really want the person who fired the shots to be detained, and we want them to be imprisoned, so that other boys do not suffer the same fate.” One of the teenagers was seen by witnesses to tumble to the ground. The back of Maulonou, according to the police, was hit by a bullet. He was in critical condition when he arrived at the Maimonides Medical Center, and he passed away there the following morning.

“He went home after school. Someone fired and then quickly fled the scene. Nobody tried to stop him. It has been a full day now. How can you reconcile the fact that…? “His father is in so much pain that he can’t even open his mouth to speak because of it,” stated the man’s brother. According to sources within the police department, he had no history of run-ins with the law and did not belong to any gangs. The police have stated that they have identified the 17-year-old suspect, and the NYPD’s Warrants Division is currently attempting to catch him; nevertheless, nothing will provide Maulonou’s family closure at this time.

Anyone who has any information on the location of the suspect is strongly encouraged to call the police. A man wearing a black hoodie could be seen on surveillance camera pulling out a revolver.

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