Geoffrey Webster Obituary, A Life Lived with Passion and Purpose – Death Cause

Geoffrey Webster Obituary, Death – On July 14, 2023, Geoffrey Charles Webster passed away in a calm and serene manner at the Chapman House Hospice in Owen Sound, surrounded by his devoted family. Geoffrey was born in Owen Sound on November 10, 2005, making him 17 years old as of this writing. Beloved child of Todd and Christie Webster (née Sayre), Webster was the son of the couple. Beloved brother of Jack Webster and Paige Webster, both of whom reside in Owen Sound.

cherished grandson of Geoffrey Sayre and Paula Sayre, who reside in Gananoque. The cherished nephew of Kimberley Sayre of Kelowna, Krista and Luc Meloche of Ottawa, and the beloved cousin of Sarah Barlow of St. Catherines and Chelsea Barlow of Victoria. His grandparents, Harry and Barb Webster, as well as his grandmother, Sally Sayre, passed away before him. Geoffrey was a dynamic individual who possessed a wide variety of hobbies and passions.

He possessed qualities such as sensitivity, kindness, compassion, and a genuine concern for the welfare of others. He delighted in creating things with his father using Lego, piloting his drone, and attempting to break the world record for solving the Rubik’s cube in the shortest amount of time. He was a passionate supporter of HABS as well as everything Apple-related, and he was gifted in the field of electronics and had a liking for the more refined aspects of life.

Geoffrey’s passion of music encompassed a wide range of musical styles, and he took great pleasure in unearthing new bands and songs. Beaches, which provided him with a sense of peace, were one of his favorite places. Geoffrey treasured his large social network of friends and enjoyed the time he was able to spend with them, thereby making memories that would last a lifetime. In the past, he enjoyed activities such as downhill skiing, hockey, lacrosse, and swimming.

His parents have disclosed that Geoffrey received a diagnosis of anorexia (REX) at the age of 11, and that he struggled with the condition for a period of six years. Geoffrey’s capacity to direct his own life and live the way he desired was hampered by REX’s interference. On June 14th, he made the conscious decision to end the torment caused by the condition as well as the forceful rescue therapies linked with it. He went back to his home to be with his family and friends, resolute in his decision to live the rest of his life according to his own rules.

Even though we all wished for a miracle and hoped that he would pick nutrition, we were all aware that REX was simply too powerful. We all agreed to support him and accept his decision, despite how terribly challenging it was for everyone engaged in Geoffrey’s care to deal with the situation. He had a lengthy “bucket list” of activities he wanted to complete, and his illness turned out to be less restricting than everyone had imagined it would be. In the end, he was gorgeous and at peace with himself.

Throughout these past several days, he has been so brave and strong; it has been remarkable to see his resilience. During the previous four weeks, it was abundantly evident that he cherished his life and the opportunity to live free from fear and conflict. We are saddened that he did not have more time, as he was able to accomplish a lot in his remaining weeks.

Geoffrey was a one-of-a-kind individual who possessed a lot of natural talent. Before and after he received his diagnosis, he had an impression on a great number of people throughout his life. Those who had the chance to spend time with Geoffrey and get to know him, regardless of the circumstances, would almost unanimously say that they improved as individuals as a result of their interactions with him. All of the people who had the honor of knowing Geoffrey will always remember his wide range of hobbies and how enthusiastically he approached living his life.

Geoffrey gained an extraordinary awareness and comprehension of his condition as it progressed. An excerpt from a letter that he wrote to his parents in his final days at the hospice and left for them: “Even if it was not as long of a life as you, I, or anyone expected for me to have, you tried your best to bring me out of this world as peacefully and respectfully as possible even if it was not as long of a life as you brought me into this world.” I would want to make some suggestions for the eating disorder coalition program that you and your father are going to set up.

I have some thoughts that I would like to share with you. First, we are going to make an effort to keep the program as local as we can. From my own personal experience, I can say that the patient suffering from an eating disorder will find it much simpler to accept the concept of recovery rather than fighting against it when they are in close proximity to their loved ones, friends, and home. It made it simpler for me to get through each day because I didn’t have to concentrate on getting to each meal and finishing each meal; instead, all I had to think about was showing up for each meal.

Even though they are the ones who have the disease, patients with eating disorders still have a lot to contribute. Even if you cannot include everything, I believe it is very important to try to include as much as possible so that patients with eating disorders can feel heard, respected, and able to trust their team. Another thing that came to mind is to try to listen to the eating disorder patient as much as possible because even though they are the ones who have the disease, they still have a lot to contribute.

In accordance with Geoffrey’s original goal, the family hopes to provide their support to the establishment of a community-based organization that provides assistance to individuals who struggle with eating disorders. Donations in Geoffrey Webster’s honor can be made to the Community Foundation Grey Bruce and should be named for his memory. In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation. The Community Foundation Grey Bruce can be reached at the following mailing address: Box 81, Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 5P1.

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