Gerry Cannell Obituary, Gerry Cannell Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Gerry Cannell Obituary, Death Cause – Cannell, Gerry Recent news reports indicate that Gerry Cannell, who served as our former officer in charge and was the staff member who had the longest career with the organization, has gone away. I have to break this news to the rest of the family that is the 25 (Parkwood) Sqn, and it is with the utmost reluctance that I do so. In spite of the seriousness of his condition, Gerry has been able to maintain an admirable level of composure and humor despite his long-term illness. On Sunday, he passed away peacefully and with his family surrounding him as he took his final breaths.

His passing occurred. In the early 1980s, Gerry transitioned from his time serving in the regular Royal Air Force to his current position in the Air Training Corps. Before joining the 25 (Parkwood) Sqn, he was a member of the 1404 (Chatham) Sqn, the 1227 (Sidcup) Sqn, the 1051 (Dartford) Sqn, and the 25 (Parkwood) Sqn respectively. Gerry had a lot of friends and acquaintances on the Kent Wing. Gerry had a lengthy career in the ATC, and during the course of that time, he worked his way up through the ranks to become a Warrant Officer.

During his time in the Air Force, he was assigned to a number of different squadrons and worked on a wide variety of Wing operations. During this time, he was responsible for mentoring and instructing a significant number of cadets. I am certain that you will agree with me in extending our deepest condolences to Gerry’s wife Ivy, as well as to their daughters Kay and Karen, together with their respective husbands Andrew and Lee. I am convinced that you will join me in doing so.

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