Glenda Dolehanty Obituary, Glenda Dolehanty Has Died – Death Cause

Glenda Dolehanty Obituary, Death – Just learned this morning that one of the most talented and devoted people who worked in the field of emergency medical services had passed away. She had a career in emergency medical services (EMS) for 57 years, and throughout that time she had a significant impact on the lives and trajectories of a huge number of individuals. May you eventually find the peace you seek, Glend. Once I did, though, I will be grateful for it till the end of time. It took me a little bit to figure it out, but once we did, we will be forever grateful for it.

We were never given any cause to doubt that Glenda put all of our best interests, as well as the best interests of the patients whom we are responsible to serve, at the forefront of her thoughts and heart. I never for one second questioned my standing with Glenda or made any assumptions about what she may be thinking about us as a couple. It is likely that thousands of people who offer emergency medical services may be impacted as a result of Glenda’s decision. It is feasible that tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of patients have benefited from her care and relentless drive to ensure that professional and compassionate caregivers are accessible. If this is the case, then it is possible that she has helped hundreds of thousands of people.

Our professional lives are formed by listening to and learning from legendary in our professions, and it helps even more when those legends are humble and polite. Our professional lives are developed by listening to and learning from legends in our areas. It is incredible to think that a single person may have such a significant influence despite the fact that the world of emergency medical services (EMS) is now smaller by one person. Today marks the passing of a legendary living figure.

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