Hasith Nawarathne Obituary Kennesaw GA, Missing Man Found Dead – Death Cause

Hasith Nawarathne Obituary, Death – Hello, everyone! My name is Hasith Nawarathne, and I’d want to use this opportunity to tell you all about my uncle, who also goes by the name Hasith. Since the first of July of this year, neither he nor anybody else has seen or heard from him, and there is no indication that he is alive. I would want to ask that you keep my family in your thoughts and prayers while you go about your day and do your activities.

These past several days have been difficult, and all I want is for him to return back to his apartment so that we can put this trauma in the past and move on with our lives. An individual who was observed for the final time throughout the course of the holiday weekend is the focus of the manhunt that the authorities are conducting right now. During the holiday weekend is when the person was either seen or heard from for the first time in quite some time, depending on which came first.

During the course of a weekend that had already come and gone, it was observed that a gentleman was travelling in the direction of Atlanta. Hasith Nawarathne is a person of interest for the Kennesaw police, who have reported that no one has heard from him since they began their search for him. The police have stated that no one has heard from him since they began their search for him. Since they began their search for him, no one has heard from him, according to the police, who have stated that no one has heard from him.

Hasith was last seen on July 2 while he was on a trip to Atlanta; since the announcement of the search, no one has had any further contact with him. The search is still ongoing. The police did not reveal any other information on their hypothesis regarding where Nawarathne was headed on that particular day; rather, they only indicated that they did not have any further information to share with the public. It would appear that a provisional licence plate has been fastened to the front bumper of Nawarathne’s white 2010 Lexus RX350.

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