Hayden Ritchart Obituary, Hayden Ritchart Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Hayden Ritchart Obituary, Death – Two people from the Kansas City metropolitan area lost their lives as a result of an airplane accident that took place on Thursday at Osage Beach in the state of Missouri. Osage Beach Fire Protection District Chief Paul Berardi reported that they received a call shortly before noon from witnesses who stated that they saw the place take off but did not see it climb and that they immediately heard a loud boom. The call came in shortly before noon.

The information that was provided by the highway patrol indicated that there were three people on board the jet. The two people whose deaths were confirmed at the scene were identified as Hayden Ritchart, age 22, from Carrolton, Missouri, and Evan Vandiver, age 19, from Richmond, Missouri. They have been determined to be the people who were hurt. According to the reports, the third casualty is a man from Richmond who is 54 years old and has sustained serious injuries.

After around forty-five minutes of searching, personnel from the fire department, police, highway patrol, and Department of Natural Resources informed them that they had tape that showed the plane crashing. The footage was obtained from the adjoining Lake Regional Hospital. The video showed the aircraft crashing onto the ground. After that, it was located in the span of just a few minutes after that.

Hayden Ritchart is believed to have been the pilot of the plane, according to the Osage Beach police, who have a strong suspicion that this was the case. According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the aircraft that was involved was a Piper PA-28, and the NTSB is aiding the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in its investigation of the tragic event. The MSHP strongly advises anyone to avoid traveling to or remaining in the affected area.


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