Hilary Mary Obituary, Learn About Hilary Mary Death

Hilary Mary Obituary, Death – She died away peacefully in the familiar surroundings of her own house, where she had spent the majority of her life, on the morning of Monday, July 10, 2023, at the age of 87. She had lived there for the majority of her life. This house had been her home for the better part of her life, where she had raised her family. Her place of residence was Overtown, which was found in Cowan Bridge. She considered this area to be her home because she lived there.

She was the much-loved and devoted wife of Harry, who has since passed away, and in addition to being a good friend to anyone who had the luxury of knowing her, she was also a wonderful friend to anyone who had the privilege of knowing her. Harry was one of her most ardent supporters. Harry was the only person who ever had the chance to learn more about her and become acquainted with her.

After her passing, everyone who had the privilege of knowing Hilary would grievously miss having her there among them. People who attended St. John the Baptist Church in Tunstall are included in this group, in addition to her friends and neighbors in the area.
Funeral services will be held at the St. John the Baptist Church in Tunstall on Thursday, July 20, at twelve o’clock in the afternoon. The service is scheduled to be held on Thursday.

A memorial service is being performed today in remembrance of a person who died away not too long ago and will be brought to mind over the course of the event. The memorial service will be held in remembrance of the individual who has passed away. After the funeral and the burial ceremonies have been completed, the body of the person who has passed away will be laid to rest in the churchyard where the funeral and the rites were carried out.

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