Jack O’Handley Obituary, In Loving Memory of Jack O’Handley – Death Cause

Jack O’Handley Obituary, Death – Mount Carmel has suffered the loss of one of its own, and we relay this news with a heavy heart. After a protracted illness, Dr. Jack O’Handley, better known to many as simply “Dr. O,” died away earlier this week while he was accompanied by his family. His passing came at a time of calm. Over the course of more than 25 years, Dr. O served in the role of medical director for Mount Carmel Outreach, which is now known as Mount Carmel Community Health & Well-Being. He had a heart of a servant for those who were neglected. Everyone who knew him had the opportunity to witness personally his unwavering acceptance of those who were the most helpless and destitute.

He did this by being kind to them and providing care for a population that typically had limited access to food and self-esteem, as well as no official housing or regular medical care. He had compassion for all people, regardless of who they were or where they were located. He was also an outstanding educator, and his warm and sage nature made him an instant friend and guide to anybody who crossed paths with him. He was an inspiration to all who met him.

In 2017, the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians bestowed upon him the title of Family Medicine Educator of the Year in recognition of the influence he made on the lives of medical students. His legacy will be carried on by our Street Medicine team and by all of our other coworkers who are compassionate, accepting, and loving in their leadership.

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