Jay Ewald Obituary, Jay Ewald Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Jay Ewald Obituary, Death – This week’s passing of Jay Ewald, the creative force of The Twisting Lathe Woodworking, was brought to our attention today. It was always a maybe later one thing until one fateful day in September 2021 when we received a Facebook message from Jay saying that he wanted the first spot in our someday fair. On the same day, I read an article about the biggest fair in Dallas not picking any local vendors. For years, we talked about hosting artisan fairs, but it was always a maybe later one thing. Until one fateful day in September 2021.

Because of the word that Jay sent, we had our first fair a little less than six weeks later, and he has participated in every fair that has taken place since then. At the most recent gathering, we were talking about why he would have a place at any fair that we organized owing to the fact that he was a Santa in training. This is how I refer to men who have the power to make the people around them feel loved and protected.

When he would stroll through our door with his friendly grin and sparkling eyes, it was always a highlight of our day for both of us to be able to see him. Without his light in the world, things are a little darker overall. Our hearts are heavy since we know he won’t be in his usual location at the next fair, cheering on others and being a positive force. We are saddened by this news. Because you can never be sure that tomorrow will come, you shouldn’t put off telling people how much they mean to you until the next day.

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