Jayne Hunt Obituary, Jayne Hunt Has Passed Away

Jayne Hunt Obituary, Death Cause – The unexpected demise of our cherished Jayne Hunt on Sunday, July 9th, as the result of a riding accident has left the members of the Equine Podiatry Association in a state of complete and utter devastation. Since the very beginning of our group, Jayne has been one of the most important members here. She co-founded the Equine Podiatry training organization with her longtime friend and colleague Richard Vialls, which is responsible for awarding the Equine Podiatry diploma.

We will be eternally grateful for her life, as well as the fact that she had the foresight and the courage to pursue the career that she was so passionate about. We are grateful that she and Richard were able to realize their aim of establishing a professional Equine Podiatry certification when, two years ago, the Equine Podiatry Training course was accredited by LANTRA as a Level 5 qualification. This accomplishment has allowed us to express our gratitude to both of them.

In that capacity, she imparted her enthusiasm, her erudition, and her genuine kindness upon her pupils. Therefore, on Sunday afternoon, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, not only did our organization lose its kindest, funniest, and most generous member, but we also said goodbye to our instructor, our guide, and a close friend. Her favorite responses to the inevitable queries that were posed by her students were “it depends” (to nearly any Equine Podiatry query) and “it’ll be fine” (to any setback or difficulty), and those refrains still reverberate in our heads now that she is no longer with us.


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