Jesse Ishai Obituary, J.Ish Entertainment Founder Has Died – Death Cause

Jesse Ishai Obituary, Death – I recall that every time we spoke, we were unable to get off the phone for hours at a time because we were always bouncing ideas off of one other about how we could build and scale our individual businesses. It was an overwhelming sensation, just like there was a fire raging inside of both of us that was so strong that nothing could put it out.

I know that your memory will live on in the work that I will continue to do in your name, J.Ish Entertainment will always remain the same in its brand, as it is now a legacy you leave here with us, and I will endeavor to honor and contribute to its purpose of creating lifelong memories of the clients’ milestones that they celebrate with us. I will miss our chats, but I know that your memory will live on in the work that I will continue to do in your name. I realize that this is not good-bye because I will see you again, but until then I would want to say thank you for entrusting me with your invention and granting me the opportunity of allowing J.Ish Entertainment to continue its journey.

Jesse Ishai, the founder of J.Ish Entertainment, passed away recently, and it is with a heavy heart that we share this news with you. In 2014, Jesse established this well-known brand name. When I was just starting out with my own company around that time, I remember spotting the J.Ish Entertainment brand name everywhere, especially in the scene for throwing birthday parties.

I was intrigued by this. When I talked to other people about this company, I always inquired about what made it so successful. It was always Jesse, that was the answer to every question. J’ish’s rise to prominence as a giant in the events hire industry may be attributed to his charisma, openness to interaction, kindness, and determination. Although Jesse and I have only had one face-to-face encounter, we have had innumerable conversations over the phone and I have also worked for him, capturing photographs at various events on occasion.

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