Joe O’Brien Obituary, Joe O’Brien Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Joe O’Brien Obituary, Death – The news of Joe O’Brien’s passing was a source of great sorrow for everyone associated with Seneschalstown GFC, as well as for Gaels located throughout the county as a whole. Joe was a genuine Gael who was well-versed in all of the customs of the GAA and had a special, lifelong attachment for the Seneschalstown team he played for. Joe was a tough, skilled footballer who had a good eye for scoring goals. He represented his club admirably on the field of play for a number of years, but winning the senior championship in 1972, which was the club’s first time winning the Keegan Cup, was undoubtedly the highlight of his playing career.

After Joe’s playing career was over, he became a referee for a number of years and continued his involvement with the sport. While this was going on, he became increasingly active in coaching and working with different teams within the organization. When he was a member of the management team that led the club to its second Keegan Cup victory in 1994, he once again experienced the pinnacle of success at this location.

The Meath Chronicle player biographies published in the week leading up to the championship game said the following about Joe: “Longest serving member of the team, Joe carried Seneschalstown on his back for many years with no visible rewards.” Joe O’Brien would be the player most deserving of a medal if the Beauparc parish side were to win on Sunday. Nobody else comes close. Joe was able to realize his desire and win the Keegan Cup gold he so justly deserved after a replay of the game. After that, Joe remained a member of the club and continued to play for them for a long time.

Joe also served the club for many years as a committee member, and whenever there was work to be done, he was always there to provide a helping hand. When there was work to be done, Joe was always there. Joe, who was a true clubman as well as a true Gael, will be remembered lovingly and will be mourned deeply. In this photo, Joe is shown with the commemorative medal he received in 1972 for the 50th anniversary of his company.

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