Joe Shortt Obituary, In Loving Memory Joe Shortt – Death Cause

Joe Shortt Obituary, Death – I was shocked to learn of Joe Shortt’s demise because he was such a gentleman. Over the years, he was the host of several billiards tournaments for the National Independent Billiard Association (NIBA). He consistently provided excellent playing conditions, and it was a joy to play at his venue at all times. He never failed to make time for anyone who needed it and never failed to provide a hearty meal whenever we visited.

In this extremely difficult moment, my deepest condolences go out to every single member of his family circle. He will be sorely missed. Keith M Joe’s bowling career was nothing short of flawless, and he served as a huge encouragement to many people who took up the sport after watching him compete. Those who had the honor of being present for his triumphs, such as his amazing performance in Grenagh in 2018, will look back on them with fondness and cherish the occasions on which they took place.

May Joe Shortt rest in peace, and may his passion for the sport of road bowls and the legacy he leaves behind in the community of players who enjoy it continue to motivate and encourage others who try to emulate him. May the fond memories of their time spent together be a source of strength and comfort for his family and friends as they go through this difficult time of loss. “May Joe’s memory serve as a wellspring of motivation, and may his passion for the game of road bowls be commemorated and appreciated for many years to come.

Dear friend, may you finally rest in peace.”Joe was a good friend to many, and his presence and friendship will be sorely missed. His impact on the community of road bowlers and beyond will be remembered for many years to come. Personally, I am thankful to have had the opportunity to share moments with him, and I will always treasure the memories we created together.

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