John Meek Obituary, John Meek Has Passed Away – Death Cause

John Meek Obituary, Death – On July 1, 2023, John Park Meek, a talented watercolour artist and a guy with many skills, passed away. He was a man with many talents. At the time of his departure, he had 63 years under his belt. Swan Lake, Mississippi is where John Park Meek got his start in life. Clarksdale, Mississippi was the place of his birth on September 15, 1959, and John Ernest Carlysle Meek, Jr. and Sara Bess King Meek were overjoyed to welcome their son into the world. John’s passion for artistic expression shined brightly throughout his entire life and was a source of great joy for him.

The first two schools that John ever attended to further his education were the Cleveland Public Schools and Bayou Academy. After graduating from high school, he attended The Principia School in St. Louis, Missouri, for a year before enrolling in college at Delta State University. John immediately began working on the family farm after graduating from college. There, he was immersed in the beauty of the natural world and was able to gather ideas for his future artistic endeavors.

The tremendous appreciation that John garnered for his magnificent watercolor paintings and hypnotic patterns is evidence of the extraordinary talent that John possessed. John’s paintings and patterns are mesmerizing. Through the use of his artistic vision, he had a talent for transforming ordinary objects into works of art such as sculptures and lighting. Cooking, gardening, fishing for crappies, looking for Native American relics, and growing oyster mushrooms were all enjoyable pastimes for him.

He also enjoyed hunting for Native American artifacts. In addition to that, John delighted in spending time with his friends making music and crafting beautiful tables and chairs out of Adirondack cypress. He approached everything with a sense of amazement and reverence for the world that was all around him that was uniquely his own.

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