John Nasshan Obituary, A Las Vegas Native Has Died – Death Cause

John Nasshan Obituary, Death – I am very grieved by the passing of one of our closest friends and fellow musicians, John Nasshan, and it is with a heavy heart that I express these feelings. John Nasshan will be sorely missed by everyone. John took the decision, more than three decades ago, to make KUNV his home, and he succeeded in doing so. Opened up the studio to members of the local community, as well as artists, musicians, and anyone else who had something significant to impart. in order to regale them with tales, enlighten them with information, stimulate discussion, and make them feel at home.

Listen in your car, at work, at home, on your smart speaker, online or through the KUNV app on Friday morning (July 14) at 10 a.m. (PST). A one-of-a-kind program in John’s honor will be hosted by Kim Linzy. After this is completed, the KUNV Jazz countdown that John was supposed to produce will begin. We were having the finest fun ever getting John to start playing the drums and other percussion instruments again. A fantastic performance was just put on by our group a few weeks ago. Magdalena Brandon, the woman he cherished more than everything in the world, brought him so much joy.

We couldn’t contain our excitement about going on a double date to see Diana Krall. All of his admirers on 91.5 and the musicians whose lives he touched will miss him, and he will also be missed by the other musicians. Be a little more loving, and hug a little more tightly. There are no guarantees for tomorrow. Magdalena will feel our deepest love and support throughout this difficult time. Have a peaceful sleep, my brother.

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