John Nasshan Obituary, John Nasshan Has Died – Death Cause

John Nasshan Obituary, Death – He was a remarkable human being. I will miss him terribly and irreparably. Not only was he well-known in the neighborhood as an exceptional drummer, but he also performed an excellent job as a DJ for KUNV, and he did it at a very high level. Not only did he perform extraordinarily well at KUNV, but he also performed exceptionally well at KUNV. My chest feels heavy as I have to break the news to you that my dear friend John Nasshan has passed away and is now at peace in the arms of the Lord. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

It was impossible to disentangle his feelings from the musical fabric of the area since it was so intimately intertwined with the fabric of the neighborhood. My connection with him was established on the basis that we shared the same religious values; he was a devoted Christian who placed the utmost importance on his relationship with the Lord and honored it with every fiber of his being… Although we are all in pain from the knowledge that you have moved on to a better place, you have still shared a significant portion of your heart with each and every one of us, John.

This is something that we will always be grateful for. You have shared a significant bit of your heart with each and every one of us, and we will carry that with us always. I pray that you will find the serenity you have been searching for, my beloved brother, and I ask that you, if it is at all possible, please give Jesus a hug on my behalf. I pray that you find eternal rest. God bless you forever.

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