Juan Rodriguez Obituary Resident Of Passaic New Jersey, Has Died – Death Cause

Juan Rodriguez Obituary, Death – On Thursday, federal investigators got to work trying to figure out what led to the catastrophe that involved a Greyhound bus and took the lives of three people who were riding it. The incident took place in southern Illinois and resulted in the deaths of the passengers. Thursday was the day when the tragedy occurred, and as a result, three people lost their lives. On Wednesday morning, just before two o’clock, an accident occurred when a bus that was carrying a driver and 22 passengers crashed with three tractor-trailers that were parked along an exit ramp for Interstate 70 close to St. Louis.

The bus driver and passengers were all injured in the collision. One of the people hurt in the collision was the bus driver who was traveling with his passengers. Juan Vasquez-Rodriguez, age 34, Buford Paya, age 71, and Bradley Donovan, age 47, were all locals of the cities in which they resided. Juan called Passaic, New Jersey, home, while Buford called Supai, Arizona, and Bradley called Springfield, Illinois, home. There was a reading of the names of people who had recently died away. According to the early findings that were reported by the coroner for Madison County, Stephen Nonn, it appeared as though all three individuals had died as a consequence of blunt force trauma.

This was stated in the report that the coroner for Madison County issued. The bus was going to make its way to St. Louis, which was supposed to be its final destination, when it left Indianapolis and began its journey there. It has not been determined why it was located on the exit ramp that leads to a rest area that is near to Highland, Illinois; this information is now unavailable. This region is around 25 miles (40 kilometers) away from where it was anticipated that the Greyhound would reach at its final destination. The accident did not result in any injuries for the individuals who were traveling in the trucks at the time.


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