Judy Chamber Obituary, Learn More About Judy Chamber – Death Cause

Judy Chamber Obituary, Death – Judy Chambers ’58, ’60 was revered as a mentor and regarded as a pioneer in the realm of student life. She was an icon at Pacific and a graduate of the school. The University of the Pacific expresses its deepest condolences to the Chambers family after learning of the demise of Judy Chambers, who had previously held the position of Vice President for Student Life at the institution. After a long and productive life, Chambers departed this earth on July 11. He had a good run.

The Chair of the Board of Regents, Mary-Elizabeth Eberhardt, has noted that “Her service to students is really what stands out to me.” Her entire being was one hundred percent devoted to the students. Chambers was the first woman to ever hold the post of vice president for student life at Pacific, and she remained in that capacity for a whole quarter of a century. Chambers also served as the first woman to ever hold the post of vice president for student life at Pacific. Her influence was also strongly felt well beyond the boundaries of the university itself. In 1981, Chambers was given a position on the board of directors for Sallie Mae thanks to a nomination made by President Ronald Reagan. During the course of her extensive career, Chambers was appointed to a number of state and national boards, including this one, which was only one of her numerous positions.

“Judy was a fixture and a beacon of light for our university—through good times and bad—across seven decades,” noted President Christopher Callahan. “Judy will be greatly missed.” “Judy will be sorely missed by all of us.” “She was the very definition of sophistication in the Pacific. The Tuesday of the week before last, both Jean and I had the pleasure of going to Judy’s place to pay her a visit and spend some time with her there. She was funny and irreverent, and most importantly, she had a positive view on life. She radiated life and vitality and emanated life and vigor. In a nutshell, an exemplary representation of Judy Chambers.”

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