Jules Konopinski Obituary, Jules Konopinski Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Jules Konopinski Obituary, Death – Jules Konopinski’s passing marks the end of an era, and we are deeply saddened to hear the news. As the last surviving member of the 43 Group and a founder of the 62 Group, his contributions to the fight against fascism in the aftermath of World War II were immeasurable. Jules’ life began in Germany, where he lived until the age of nine, when he moved to Bethnal Green in London, UK. It was here, in the heart of the East End, that he found himself amidst the intense struggle against fascism.

For Jules, the 43 Group was more than just an anti-fascist movement; it was a brotherhood. The camaraderie within the group transcended backgrounds, whether someone was an ex-serviceman or not. The impact of Jules’ dedication and bravery will never be forgotten. His contributions and those of his fellow group members were crucial in standing up against fascism and preserving the values of democracy, equality, and freedom. As we mourn the loss of Jules Konopinski, we honor his memory and the legacy of the 43 Group, a beacon of courage and resistance against hatred and oppression. May his spirit and determination continue to inspire future generations to stand up against injustice and to cherish the importance of unity and brotherhood.

Known as ‘Mad Jules,’ his passion and courage led him to confront fascists head-on on the streets of East London. Despite training to be a handbag designer, his heart and soul were dedicated to the cause of the 43 Group. The 43 Group was not hesitant to employ violence in their fight against fascism, but they also engaged in quiet conversations to dissuade fascists from attending meetings. Jules had a unique perspective, stating, “You don’t have to have fights with these people; you just made them scared about what would happen if they went.”


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