Justin Sotomayor Obituary, Justin Sotomayor Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Justin Sotomayor Obituary, Death – According to a press statement that was issued on Monday by the Lehigh County Coroner’s Office, Justin J. Vasquez-Sotomayor had passed away as a consequence of numerous injuries that he had received as a result of an encounter that had been of a violent nature. These wounds were sustained by Justin J. Vasquez-Sotomayor as a direct result of an incident that took place in the past.

According to the statement that was provided by the coroner, an investigation into the accident is now being carried out by the Allentown Police Department as well as the office of the District Attorney for the county. This information was obtained from the statement. This information that was presented there came from the statement that the coroner had delivered, which was the source of the aforementioned information.

These wounds were sustained by Justin J. Vasquez-Sotomayor as a result of something that happened in the past. The incident took place earlier. According to the statement that was made public, the altercation was the primary factor that led to the injuries that were sustained by the parties that were involved. The report that the coroner generated indicates that the collision between Vasquez-Sotomayor’s motorbike and another car took place around 1:20 p.m. on 8 July close to the intersection of W. Greenleaf Street and Ott Street.

It was determined that the cause of death was unintentional. He was apparently brought to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest for treatment after sustaining injuries; however, he passed away there as a result of his injuries while he was undergoing treatment there. It was finally determined that the severity of his injuries was too severe for him to overcome, and he unfortunately passed away at the scene of the accident.

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